Sunday, August 12, 2012

Taking A Break

You could probably see this coming from a mile away but I'm going to put this experiment on hold. I really think there's a big potential with Squidoo and I want to take advantage of it. Someone on InfoBarrel has around 300 Squidoo lenses and is making over $4,000 a month. Crazy! My new "experiment" is to write 300 lenses as soon as possible. Squidoo lenses are easier to write than InfoBarrel and I can put more links in each lens. With InfoBarrel, I'm limited to two links in each article. I can put unlimited Amazon links in my Squidoo lenses. I'm hoping this will lead to more money. Since the lenses are easier to write, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to create all 300 lenses in less than a month. Then I can get back to my InfoBarrel experiment or I can pay someone to write InfoBarrel articles for me.

Although this blog is about InfoBarrel, I still want to put my plan on paper (or on a blog post) so here is my Squidoo plan:

Tonight, I created a Facebook page for my Squidoo articles as well as started a Twitter account, Pinterest account and a Stumble Upon account. I also got a new email address. This will make it easier to promote my articles. I also came up with six different niches I want to focus on for these 300 articles. I think I am going to set up a new Squidoo account for each niche just to keep them all separate. I am going to write 50 lenses for each account. I already came up with 50 ideas for one account. I still need to do this for the other 5 accounts. After I get all 6 accounts set up and found lens ideas for all accounts, I will start by writing 10 lenses a day. I will post each lens on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Stumble Upon. That should get the lenses indexed quickly. For each account, I will like 50 lenses and comment on a few of them. This should help get some Squidlikes which are important for ranking within Squidoo (though I'm not expecting to make much money with the tiers). After I get all 300 lenses done, I might do some backlinking on other article sites to help get my sites ranking better.

I've gotta go. One of my favorite bands, The Who, is on the Olympics Closing Ceremonies right now. I hope to see them in November - if I can make enough money by then to buy a ticket.