Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daily Update 08/07

Did I ever mention how much I hate to write introductions? They are pretty much useless but I have to include them to get the word count up and to let the big G know what the article is about. I was going to write 50 intros a day and knock all 400 of them out in a week. Right now, that's not going to happen. I wrote 3 intros today. Three!! I can't believe it takes me so long to write these useless paragraphs. If you are reading the article, you already know what it's about and you don't need me to tell you. I think I have discovered a way to create a lot of unique intros easily - like in a few seconds I can have an amazing (well, maybe not amazing but pretty good) introduction. The plan is to write 3-5 introductions that could be used for just about any article. I will paste the intros into The Best Spinner and I will rewrite each sentence 2-3 times and I will spin on the word level manually. All I will have to do to get a great intro is to copy one of the spun intros and replace the starred words with my keyword. I will, of course, edit the intros to make sure they make sense and are on topic. I might even change a sentence or two just to make them more unique. I should be able to do intros a lot faster this way. So far today, I wrote one of the intros and I will write the other two before bed. I hope to get them spun tomorrow and then I can just go through the articles and copy and paste the new intros. It should really help speed things along.

I'll let you know how it works tomorrow.