Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December Review and 2011 Goals

I didn't mean to wait this long to post but it was a busy month. I only wrote a few articles in December. I had wanted to continue my November pace and write 1-2 articles a day. You can read all about December here:

2011 Goals

In 2011, I want to reach my goal of $2,000 per month. I have other monetary goals as well, such as saving for a cruise, paying down debt and going on a road trip this summer. It is only the 5th day of the month and I have already changed my goals a bit. My original goal was to write 5 articles a day, 5 days a week. I have now realized that it isn't going to happen. I have too much going on and I have to write upfront pay articles so I can pay my bills. My new goal is to make $100 in upfront pay at Demand Media during the day, Mon-Fri. Nights will be spent doing homework. On weekends I will do my best to write as many articles as possible. Hopefully, it will be enough to reach $2,000/month by the end of the year. I should have more time for writing InfoBarrel articles once I get my credit card and car loans paid off in full. I also want to do a lot of backlinking in the summer. I would love to reach my goal by November when I go on a cruise. Then I can sit back and relax on the deck while still making money. I'll try to update this blog regularly.

I hope all of you have a happy new year and good luck on whatever your goals may be,