Saturday, August 11, 2012

Daily Update 08/10

Time really flies when you are hard at work. I didn't realize it had been 3 days since I posted an update. It's getting late so I'm going to make this brief.
  • The spun intro I made looks great but I'm not sure it's going to be considered unique enough. I'm going to use it anyway and, if Admin complains about it, I will have to rewrite them.
  • I've got about 30 intros done but, now that I've got the spun intro done, I should be able to get all 400 intros completed tomorrow. *Unless I decide that the spun article isn't unique enough for 400 articles. Then I will use the current spun intro for 200 articles and I will write another spun intro for 200 articles.
  • Squidoo is awesome! I'm getting a ton of views on my 2 lenses plus I've already made $1.65. I'm currently working on a Halloween lens that I'm hoping will get a lot of views. I think I'm going to try to create 1 lens a day based on the topics of my InfoBarrel articles. I'm tempted to drop the InfoBarrel experiment and switch to a Squidoo challenge but I'm going to stick to this. I never finish what I start so I need to get this done before I attempt anything else.
If I don't post over the weekend, I plan on completing the intros for all 400 articles. I will finish my Halloween lens and I might make one or two more lenses. Next week, I will start finishing the InfoBarrel articles and get them posted so they can start making money.