Monday, August 6, 2012

Daily Update 08/06

In terms of income, I had a very productive day today. In terms of writing articles, I didn't even come close to my goal. Last night, I was looking at my new year's resolutions and realized that I wasn't close at hitting any of them. I decided that I should probably get down to business if I want to get at least one of them done by next year. I picked the resolution to pay off my car loan by the end of the year. Actually, I'm going to try to do it by the end of the month. I need to make $290 by September 1st or $15 a day. So that is what I spent most of the day doing. I worked my butt off on Mturk to make $15. I only got 3 intros written for my InfoBarrel experiment. Hopefully tomorrow I can reach my daily goal of 50 intros and make $15. It should be easier to work tomorrow. My dad turned the power off in my office today so he could work on some lighting in the basement. I had to work upstairs in the dining room which sucked because my mom had the TV on all day. It was a huge distraction. There will be no distractions tomorrow. I will reach my goal of 400 articles by the end of the month and I will pay off my car loan. I can do it!!